Corey Wilkes
Abstrakt Pulse
live at the Velvet Lounge

Chicago, IL
Friday 13th, July 2007

Story and Photos by Brad Walseth

Friday the 13th was lucky indeed, for those in attendance at Corey Wilkes and his Abstract Pulse configuration hit the stage at the venerable Velvet Lounge.

This particular combo pairs Corey with saxophonist Kevin Nabors - and it is a winning combination. Engaging in improvised musical "conversations" between each other, the two fine musicians ranged from soft balladry (with Corey on flugelhorn) to out-and-out blowing. In fact the exchanges between these two were some of the most exciting improvised music I've heard live, in part because no matter how "outside" these two get, they still are at heart, exceedingly melodic players.

Nor were they the whole show. Drummer Isaiah Spencer provided fine drum work, while bassist Junius Paul was on fire on both electric and acoustic bass. Tap-dancer Jumaane Taylor also added his unique element to the mix.

Wilkes says this group has enough material to begin releasing material soon, and I for one can't wait. The group was recording Friday night and I hope some of what I heard is retained. Friday the 13th was lucky for me, and I hope you will have the good fortune to catch this wonderful group as they will be playing several dates at the Velvet in the near future.

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