Clarice Magalhaes

Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
April, 2010

Story & Photos by Phil Onofrio - Phil Onofrio Photography, Copyright 2010

Clarice Magalhaes, singer and percussionist, transported the Old Town School audience, bringing them Samba and Choro from her native Brazil. Her US tour celebrates the debut of her 2009 solo CD. Her vocals were gentle and assured, accompanied by local band members directed by percussionist Geraldo de Oliviera.

While singing, Clarice ably accompanied herself on Pandeira, a tambourine-like instrument. She not only engaged the audience with her songs, but periodically chatted with the audience, doing her best with a foreign language, English, and occasionally getting help with a translation from Brazilians sprinkled throughout the audience, all of which just added to her charm on stage. The entire concert reminded everyone why the influence of Brazilian music from the late '60s justifiably never really left. There was a freshness, ease and warmth in her performance that would be welcome in any decade.

Steve Eisen
Steve Eisen

Geraldo de Oliviera
Geraldo de Oliviera (far right)

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