Rodger Davidson
"Bom Dia"

Bom Dia

Review by Brad Walseth

A Good Day (Bom Dia) indeed when creative and tasteful veteran pianist Rodger Davidson releases a new album of all original music meant to recall the late '50s/early '60s small group bossa nova Brazilian jazz. With legendary Brazilian drummer Paulo Braga, exceptional bassist David Finck and percussionist Marivaldo dos Santos (on several tracks), Davidson follows up his 2005 setting of Richard Rodgers standards to bossa ("Rodgers in Rio") with an enjoyable jaunt down Bahia way.

The toe-tapping "Fabiana" introduces the album in high-stepping fashion with Davidson showing the clean lines and traditional-mindedness that is the hallmark of his work. These songs sometimes sound like songs you think you may have heard before, but will suddenly take a different direction that is entirely Davidsonís own, where the Brazilian influence is joined by Paris (Davidson is French born) and Broadway and even some classical touches ("Soir Brersilien"). The much-in-demand Finck provides a chewy solo here to compliment his graceful bandleader, a pattern that is repeated several times on this album.

This clean, warm and well balanced recording makes for a treat for the ears. Uptempo numbers like the title track, "Ela Me Ama," "Samba Para Minhas Criancas" and "Abia" alternate with sultry romantic pieces like "Tristezas Do Amor" "Eu Sinto Saudad Dela," "Contemplacao" "Patient Soul" and "I Remember Your Smile," taking the listener from the boisterous Carnival to the dreamy nightclub, from the sunshine to the shade, and it is a truly pleasant and addictive experience that will bring the feel of a good day to a tired and weary soul.

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