Chris Greene Quartet
"Soul & Science Vol. 2:
Electric Boogaloo"

Soul & Science Vol. 2

Review by Brad Walseth

Saxophonist Greene and his band are back again with a quick follow up to their debut recording. This new release mines a similar vein of hard charging saxophone quartet, with pianist Damian Espinoza, bassist Marc Piane and drummer Tyrone Blair rounding out the membership. If anything, the band sounds even tighter here, with plenty of the tasteful grooves that have made this group an up and coming favorite here in Chicago.

Starting with under-appreciated Brazilian artist Ed Motta's "Amalgasantos," a swinging standard "Bernie's Tune" and a quite satisfying burning take on Dave Holland's "The Oracle," Greene displays an eclectic and quite compelling taste in tunes. This is taken further by the inclusion of a blusey Hank Williams tune, "You Win Again (Testifyin')," and once again Greene and group tackles Stevie Wonder's "Boogie On Reggae Woman" and finds more directions to take on this crowd pleasing jam.

The two Greene originals are pleasing and offer proof that the young artist has a bright future ahead as a composer as well as a performer. "Adamantium (part III)" is a haunting number with some lovely soprano sax and Espinoza's electric piano over a rock solid rhythm attack. And the delicious album ender, "Take Care of Yourself" reminds me of a '70s jazz number.

There's something here for all fans of saxophone centered jazz: blues, funk,'70s, standards and more. Some may prefer the out and out jammin' of "Boogie" or the low down blues of the Hank Williams tune, while others may be taken by the adventurous Holland cover, but whatever the case, it is good to hear Greene and his bandmates moving forward confidently.

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