Bob Levy
Me and My Best Friends
The Songs of Bob Levy

(Silk River Music)
Me and My Best Friends  The Songs of Bob Levy

Review by Brad Walseth

Talented songwriter, Bob Levy, returns with another fine release of his original vocal numbers. Again performed by a crack Nashville unit led by veteran keyboardist, Jamey Whiting, the songs often return to a day when melody was king. Vocalists Perry Danos, Carolyn Martin, Dane Vanatter lend their talents to presenting a collection of 18 tunes that showcase a wider range of Levy's songwriting abilities.

Starting with Danos' smooth delivery on "Ever Since We Met" through Carolyn Martin's showstopping "Loving This Man" and the Brazilian-influenced title track, there are plenty of melodies that you'll find yourself humming along to. Cabaret jazz vocals, Broadway showtunes, flamenco ("You Can Say You're Sorry") pop ("Could This Be Love") and even bluesy rock ("One Reason") and country ("The Truth") are referenced with care. And again on this outing, the Nashville flavor shines through clearly, thanks to Whiting's Nashville pedigree and the professional sheen of the production. It is an appealing combination and one that fans of old-school songwriting will appreciate.

Throughout it all, Levy's lyrics stand as intelligent and sensitive and somewhat of a throwback to a time when lyrics told a story in an intelligible manner. Listening to the good singing, solid playing and pleasant songwriting from Levy and his friends makes for an enjoyable evening with friends indeed.

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