Anna Estrada
"Sonando Vuelos"

(Ferel Flight Productions)
Sonando Vuelos

Review by Brad Walseth

A truly marvelous and enjoyable debut release, "Sonanda Vuelos" introduces a new voice on the Latin/Brazilian Jazz scene in Bay-Area-based Anna Estrada. Surprisingly, this songbird only started singing in 2002, when she decided to pursue a lifetime dream, and it is to our benefit as listeners that she followed through, because Estrada has a powerful and passionate voice that combines range and emotion in thrilling fashion. Produced by Estrada and trombonist Wayne Wallace, the singer is backed by a top-flight group of musicians, including Wallace, pianist Murray Low, guitarist Ray Scott and multi-reedist Mary Fettig, among others.

Opener, "Takes My Breath Away (Ciranda)" is a knockout number that will leave you breathless at the energetic exploding from this original song. "Adoro" is a sultry romantic Armando Manzanero's song that gives Estrada a chance to show her subtle sensitive side. Meanwhile, "Dreaming Now (Dark Delishious Dream)" is an original hit pop song, inspired by Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King.

The musicians perform admirably throughout, and Estrada chooses her material wisely, with exceptional songs encompassing various styles within the genre by Marcos Silva ("Vioce Ainde Existe"), Carlos Lyra ("Influencia Do Jazz"), Jobim (the fabulous "Two Kites"), Guinga ("Bolero De Sata"), Ignacio Pineiro Martinez ("Salome") and Hermeto Pascoal ("Menina Ilza"). And she even revisits an old Jackson Five hit, "Never Can Say Goodbye" to great effect!

This is a very tasty and satisfying album that lovers of Latin/Brazilian Jazz will absolutely love!

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