Judy Roberts and Greg Fishman

Live at Cuatro
Judy Roberts
Judy Roberts

Review by Tina Jefferson

Sitting in the comfortable surroundings of Cuatro, I heard Judy Roberts and Greg Fishman play smooth melodies of jazz on piano and saxophone. As I took my seat, the patrons of the restaurant listened as she told anecdotes about her songs, smiling in expectation. Judy Roberts is a jovial woman who is in tune with her piano and the music that she makes. She plays piano in a way that is sure to put a smile on the audience's faces. Judy knows how to entertain, and listeners can feel her euphoria for music tangibly in the air. If a listener went to see Judy and happened to be in a foul mood, her smooth piano tunes and distinctive vocals would change their sadness to joy. Judy lifts her listeners up with standard tunes by Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, and Chaka Khan, expanding the music by scat singing occasionally. Her mastery of the blues is evident, and Judy's vocal improvisation skills compliment her piano expertise tremendously. Greg Fishman played in counterpoint to Judy's vocal lines, adding even more depth to the music. The two play music with an ease that welcomes the listeners into a world of gladness.

Judy Roberts and her husband Greg Fishman compliment each other with a shared passion for music. Greg plays his saxophone in duet with Judy and the whole experience is a marvelous train ride through jazz and blues music. Judy's mixture of French Jazz and Chicago Blues mesmerizes the listeners' senses and glides them along to their next stop. All are aboard this musical train that moves from improvised blues, tunes with a European folk flavor, and the romantic sounds of songs like "Canadian Sunset."

The natural melodic sound Judy plays proves her to be a master of the piano. Each tune she plays is mapped out in the back of her mind, and her effortless shift from fast to slow pieces show this. It doesn't matter if she's playing piano with both hands or has a microphone in one hand and plays the bass line with the other, Judy is the conductor on a musical train ride that takes the audience away with tunes like "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes." She takes requests from the audience as well, availing them with charming anecdotes, and rocking them in their seats. Judy is playful and makes an audience fall in love with her even if that was not their intention. She pulls her audience in with her tunes and vibrant personality as her musical train moves to tunes like "Night in Tunisia." Judy plays from her soul, and makes an audience comfortable causing them to come back and see her perform again and again. Whether she is performing "Take the A Train" or "What a Difference a Day Makes," she will pull an audience in, making them relax and smile. If anyone has the opportunity to see Judy Roberts and Greg Fishman, know that they will make the audience laugh, relax, and most definitely enjoy themselves.

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